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  • Audience Survey

    We would like to know if you would attend in-person events presented by Southwest Colorado Concerts, and what factors would increase your level of comfort attending indoor events at MCHS Auditorium.

    All responses are confidential

    1) Under what circumstances would you attend an INDOOR, in-person event that adheres to the CDC's recommended COVID-19 protocols and local mandates?

    2) Would you attend if there is a mask requirement?

    3) Would you attend if you were asked to certify that you have been vaccinated against COVID-19 before entry, or wear a mask if not?

    4) If you are unable or unwilling to attend an in-person event, would you be interested in paying for a virtual pass?

    5) What types of events would you like to see (are most likely to attend) presented by Southwest Colorado Concerts?

    Please include any comments below